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Dynamic Electronic Systems (DES) is dedicated to improving the lives of the handicapped and elderly through implementation of technology in everyday life.  Since its creation in October 1999, DES had evolved to offer a wide variety of services to individuals with special needs and those looking to age-in-place in their own homes. 

DES began with home automation, audio, video and home theaters. The need for assistive technology for individuals at home was quickly recognized.  Although we have expanded our product line and services to include convenience items in residential situations (i.e. walk-in bathtubs, stair lifts), our main focus is the electronics dedicated to giving assistance through technology.  We continually expand our products to meet the rapidly advancing solutions available on the market. 

DES Construction was added to our corporate family to concentrate on home remodeling needs for clients with disabilities or those aging-in-place. Our experience and dedication assures customers receive the highest level of service and commitment. 

Please contact our office with any question or interest in accessibility remodeling or assistive technology needs.

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A STAP Vendor for iPAD Communication Application

The Specialized Telecommunication Assistance Program is a DARS (Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services) voucher program that provides financial assistance for the purchase of specialized assistive equipment or services for individuals whose disability interferes with their ability to access the telephone network.

The program grants assistance to cover Augmented Communication Devices ACD (aka Speech Generating Devices) such as:

  • Amplified telephones

  • iPad, with specialized software such as Proloque2Go

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