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Please take the time to view the slideshow below to see some of our work....
Minor Home Modification  
Roll in shower conversions
Low Curb showers            
Walk-in Tubs                   
ADA Sinks                      
Grab Bars                       
Bath lifts                        

Adaptive Aid
Doorbell intercoms
Camera's & Monitors
Remote deadbolts
Lighting Controls
Remote Thermostat Controls

Ceiling lifts                     
Stair lifts                        
Porch Lifts                     
Doorway Widening         
Doorway replacements   
Environmental Control Units (ECU)
Automatic Door Openers

Remote Deadbolts
Replace knobs w/lever locks
Wood Ramps & Decks
Aluminum modular ramps/platforms
Concrete walks & ramps

Voice Control Software
ACD (IPAD) & Software (STAP Voucher)
Ring Signalers
Hands-free Phones
Amplified Phones
VCO Phones
Loud Ringers
Artificial Larynx
Fluency Device (Stuttering)
Specialty Switches

     Address: 7117 Belgold Street. Suite A, Houston, Tx 77066
Telephone: 281 880 5378
             Fax: 281 880 5380
         Hours: Mon - Fri 8am-5pm
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